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week 4, tuesday

[Akane has been spending some time in the lobby, lying on the couch to keep her sprained ankle elevated and waiting for a moment when none of the other guests happen to be around. Once the moment arrives, she gets up and approaches Craftly at the front desk.]

Do you have a moment? I'd like to ask you about a few things.
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I always have a moment for our guests, Akane.

[He was organizing some files, but he puts them down for the time being. He'll then gesture down the hallway, towards where the kitchen is located.]

Let us take this to another location, one where there's no danger of curious ears. I assume you don't intend to ask me about my day, after all.
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Quite enjoyable, thank you. I would ask how your day has been, but I can't imagine it's been as pleasant.

[With. That limp and all. If Akane needs crutches or a leg brace she should... probably request it from one of the faceless men? Love yourself.

Either way, assuming it's earlier than 11:00 PM — he leads her to the lounge. The bartender locks the door behind them, before moving back to the bar to serve Carftly's usual. It's... a margarita. Akane is free to ask for her own drink, if she's in the mood.]

Here we are. You have my undivided attention.
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Incentives? [wow akane loosen up] I believe those were quite clear, as well... But perhaps there are some uncertainties. What do you wish to know?
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Hah! Does a god have a limitation, Akane? The answer is no, they do not. Everything you desire, be it the one you love or the salvation of your world, is at your fingertips. All you must do is pay the price.
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That's correct, miss. Whatever you ask for, my employers can grant it. Their powers are beyond human comprehension.
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No. Only those from your world. The departed of this realm will remain where they are until the end of this game. Then, they will be as lively as they used to be.
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Of course. It would be quite dangerous if the flow of time were altered because one of our departed residents were erased from the history of their world, don't you think?
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Does it truly, Akane?
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[He smiles at that, crooked.]

Then I take it you've decided to partake.
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Ah, now that's the spirit.

[Just. Finishes his own drink.]

Unfortunately, we're far too overbooked for this week. Perhaps the next week, Akane, should your desire to save six billion lives be as strong as it is today... You will pay my employer's price.
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Of course. I will be waiting until then.