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week 4, sunday


there was a lot of drama at the lake this morning, huh.

Which would be why, after the pizza party, Akane is seeking Andersen out.

Do you have a moment?
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[Andersen has been keeping to himself after the entire ordeal. When Akane approaches, his attention shifts from nowhere land to her.]

Until Thursday, yes.

[He tilts his head.]

What can I do for you?
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Die, perhaps.


I made several scenes this week.
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You could always pick up the mantle.
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[At the mention of it, Andersen scratches at his head and glances off to the side.]

It was an improvisational piece. There's a reason why I stuck to being a writer and not an actor. Looking back on it, the timing of it could have been worked on--
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[He puffs out his chest.]

Ha! The truth is the very core of my existence. I say what I mean, you have my word on that!


Whether he'll survive is another story. But.]
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Of course.

[He's very blase about it.]

If Mother's children are so easily aggravated, they have my full permission to come for me. It'll prove that they're sloppy and quick to provoke -- critical failings in any enemy. But in regards to all of us...

Many of us are dead. The number of people we can trust is dwindling rapidly. From here on out, we must be cautious in who we allow into our circles.
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Based on yesterday's trial, Akane, who do you think?
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Good. That's how you should think. No one in this Motel is truly trustworthy.

[A beat.]

Myself included. It's nothing personal. I would expect the same amount of suspicion from you. But in regards to potential killers... I think it'd be reasonable to look for those who will be easily motivated.