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week 4, sunday evening

[The pizza party is long since over, and thankfully there hasn't been any more drama today after what went down at the lake.

As the two of them retire to their room for the night, Akane is sitting on her bed, pensive. After a long moment of silence, she suddenly raises her head and looks over to Nagasone.

Hey. Can we talk?
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Yes. We can.

[ He's just lying in bed now, on his side. Today was certainly dramatic. They caught a killer, but it was still a lot to take in. He just wants to rest now, his shoulder is is sore... But he should talk to her. ]
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Hah. Yeah, but it's very like him. Can't say I'm surprised.

[ As for her other, probably less rhetorical question. ]

...Somewhat. It's optimistic, but I'm also born of humanity while not being human. I'm definitely not Mother, but "kami" like in "tsukumogami" is a kind of small god. In that sense, I'm stuck watching and judging, but I also owe humanity too.
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I don't know what it's for to figure that out. Tried asking Craftly last week actually, and he's as helpful as ever.

[ He pauses. ]

It makes me sad, really. What can make a game like this valuable?
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[ ...Huh? ]

I'd understand, I guess. Doesn't erase what happens, but I guess it's better than something senseless. I'll be honest, I'm slow on big-picture things like that.