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week 5, wednesday

[So it seems someone may have something to say? Cool, Akane could use the distraction. She's not doing well with the night terror this week.]
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[He calls out her name as he approaches. When he's close enough, he reaches for her arm.]

Akane, there's something I must tell you--
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[He nods, furtively glancing around them.]

Is there somewhere discrete we can talk?
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Let's go then. Quickly.
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[He will be, of course. It's common courtesy. Once they're inside, Andersen looks around.]

Do you have anything to cover your mirrors with?
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Listen to me very closely, Akane.

[And because I'm too lazy to write up a whole new explanation.

Assume he says something along the veins of this.]
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No matter what we choose, we must sacrifice each other if we wish to return home or to revive the dead.


But... misanthrope that I am, I believe in man's right to free will. To make informed choices, if they so choose to fuck up. You, Akane, deserve to at least pick your death.
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[Andersen says it softly.]

We still have time. You have the ability to change the tide of the votes. If you truly wish to survive...

... I will entrust you with the names and roles of the Hunters and Prophets. And who they intend to kill.
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[Akane-- don't do that. Andersen doesn't know how to comfort people who cry. He stands there, a little awkward, but eventually he kneels down so he can sit face-to-face with her.]

Yes. I trust you with this information. Jake and Hajime -- I've told them too. If you wish to work together with them... perhaps we could prevent this from occurring.
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[He wishes he had tissues to offer :(

Again. The list is long. So he tells something like this.]
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You could tell?
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... don't blame him. He's a goodhearted person twisted by the circumstances. What he's doing is out of determination to win a "happy ending" for all of us. If one person in the Hunters decides to take the Innkeeper role, everyone will be revived and sent home. What he's doing is to maximize the chances of that occurring.
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Speak with Dirk and Jake. Hajime too, if you have the time.

... I'll leave all the coordination to you. My only role as of now is to be the messenger.
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[At that, he smiles.]

You are the Mayor. You've the ability to change the tide of the votes. That, and...

Well. I haven't forgotten our conversation at the beginning of this game. You desire to live, Akane.

I cannot deny you that chance. Nor should those you trust strip it from you.
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[Oh my god Akane???]

... if you truly desire it, I will permit one.

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[Akane!! Akane, please don't kill him. Andersen makes a little squeaking sound but doesn't try to escape. He even tries to give an awkward pat on the back.]

Your grip is strong enough to break clams...
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[Tentatively, he'll offer the long, floppy sleeve of his lab coat.]

I don't think so. If I were, I wouldn't have lost an arm.
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[He's being a gentleman!!!]

Given the state of things this week, I wish I'd been eaten.

All right. Here's my advice to you. The Prophets are capable of traveling through mirrors and of asking supplies from "Mother." I'd be careful if I were you around any reflective surfaces.
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[Very flatly:]

They have a chainsaw.
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[What an understatement.]

It's more than a problem. The gun used to kill Kaiba and the rest were granted by their Mother. They've quite an arsenal at their disposal.
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[He scoffs.]

I care little about this game. What I care about is repaying my debts to those who've treated me well in this Motel. But information is power. Use what I've given you wisely.
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I knew you'd say so.

[Grandpa is proud of you!]

I'll take my leave, then, unless you've other questions.
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Give a splendid performance for me, Akane. Don't disappoint.

[And with that, he goes!]