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NAME: Aave
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NAME: Akane Kurashiki
CANON: Zero Escape
AGE: 21
CANON POINT: Immediately after the True Ending of 999

BACKGROUND: Wiki link here!

PERSONALITY: At first sight, Akane seems much like the ideal sweet young woman; she's kind and compassionate, the kind of person who's always looking out for others. Among the 999 cast, she's always the one worrying the most about the wellbeing of her fellow players, as well as the one to be most horrified by the deaths of others. She's also the one trying to break up fights whenever they happen and pushing for cooperation and harmony. Even in less stressful situations, she'll generally try to find the most peaceful solutions to problems. She smiles a lot, always maintaining a cheerful and optimistic outlook. There's also a bit of a playful side to her - she enjoys joking around and gently teasing others, though sometimes when her comments get on the racier side it can be difficult to tell if they're intentional or not.

Sweet as she is, Akane can come across as awkward and sometimes even a little shy. Throughout most of her life, she hasn't had many friends, and sometimes that shows quite clearly. While she mostly remains passive and quiet through social interactions, she'll speak up at times that can be strange or inopportune. Most often it's to go on long and rambling tangents about conspiracy theories and pseudoscience, showing off her extensive knowledge and intelligence but also coming off as a little crazy.

She'll also come out of her shell when she feels there's some kind of injustice that needs to be stood up against. As noted above, she's the most compassionate player in the Nonary Game, and on multiple occasions protests against plans that risk hurting someone or leaving them behind. As Junpei describes her, ever since she was little she's been one to say what others will not; while this can be noble, sometimes there are sadly times when it's also impractical or inappropriate.

The thing is, the face Akane shows outwardly is not quite her true one. While her caring and sweet facade is in many ways what she's really like, she's not in fact as innocent and clueless as she'd like you to think. Her experiences in the first Nonary Game, as well as the following nine years spent planning the second, left her with the capacity to be extremely cold and calculating. She might care for others and hate seeing them hurt, but that didn't stop her from kidnapping a number of people and forcing them to play a deadly game in order to save her own life. In fact, her feelings tend to only extend to those in the same timeline as she is. Despite knowing that all alternate timelines are equally real and valid, she's perfectly fine with causing alternate versions of even her loved ones and herself to suffer or die, all for the sake of creating a reality where everything's fine. As far as she's concerned, the ends justify even extreme means.

The hypocrisy of her outlook is particularly blatant when it comes to violence: she'll talk plenty about how it should only be a last resort and that she'd never hurt anyone, but in truth she has no qualms about killing anyone that hurts the people she loves. It might be easier for her to justify when she causes deaths indirectly through manipulation rather than getting her own hands bloody, but when that's not an option she is perfectly capable of acting on her own.

So to summarise: Akane would be a nice girl IF SHE WASN'T SO INTENSELY HECKED UP.

Queen of random knowledge
Thanks to extensive research relevant to her goals and interests, Akane possesses a vast amount of knowledge regarding all kinds of fringe subjects. This includes subjects like the paranormal and many varied kinds of pseudosciences as well as conspiracy theories. Some of these things are actually real in the world she lives in. Many are not.

Esper abilities
For the most part, espers are only capable of accessing the morphogenetic field while under immediate deadly threat. Akane has honed her powers further, but it'll still always be easiest for her to use them for surviving life-or-death situations.
-Telepathy: The most basic and straightforward psychic ability. Only works with people she has a very strong emotional connection to.
-Surveying timelines: By connecting to others or herself across time, Akane can witness events from various future timelines. At her full potential, this can allow her to gain absolutely ridiculous amounts of information via seeing every possible outcome to any given event. Since this could be kind of problematic in an RP sense, I'll of course be asking permission from other players before having her learn anything about their characters, and she'll straight up be locked out of any information on plot or NPCs.
-SHIFTing: The ability to transfer one's consciousness from one timeline to another. Since it pretty much only activates for deadly situations, it functionally works as a way to avoid dying in a pinch (by bringing in a version of herself that did die in another universe and thus knows what not to do)

INVENTORY:-the clothes she's wearing
-numerous keys and keycards marked with astrological symbols
-a bracelet displaying the number 6 (deactivated)