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week 5, wednesday

[Well, there have been some exciting revelations going on. Things need to be discussed. Which would be why Akane is seeking out Hajime, wherever she might be.]

Do you have a moment? We should talk.
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[ hajime's a wanderer, even though wandering is what gets you in trouble in yuggoth. she doesn't care much; brave or foolish or perhaps just hardheaded, the girl won't stop her routine for anyone. ]

I always have time for you, Aka-chan! Is something wrong?

[ the library's always ominous, as if it's breathing on it's own. hajime thinks it's sort of interesting in a curious way, and spends a little more time in there every day, trying to pick at the words hidden away. whatever knowledge she can pluck from the shelves is worth it. ]
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[ ah. she closes the book she'd had her nose stuck in - war and peace. it's not very interesting. ]

Ohhhhh. Andie and I talk a lot about a lot of things! But... if you're asking about the Hunters and Prophets coming together, it's true.
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[ hajime blinks once. ]

If you have an idea, Aka-chan, I'm all ears. I have some thoughts, but in the end, it's so early that we can plan.
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I agree with that. I was wondering if I should expose it... but then I thought they might just kill me then.

[ hajime taps the table a few times with her index fingernail. ] He had to buy me time, so I guess I was on their target list this week.
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Hm. I don't know how many people know? It's hard to know at the moment without accidentally telling someone. So in the end, that's probably out of our hands, Aka-chan.

[ sad, but true. hajime doesn't know who knows and if that's just the truth, then there's no telling at this point. ]

I guess all we could do is frame them for the murders at this point...? But to be honest, that's not my style.
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[ hajime hums, lightly, then nods in return, a smile gracing her lips. the attempt is appreciated - exhaustion can take so much from people. ]

That's true. I was thinking that maybe not all of them are killing...? But if we can get them all in one go, they might be good. You're right. If we prove it, then it'll be fine.
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Hmm.. but then what? I'm not sure what about after all that.
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[ hajime listens, but her expression stays puzzled. she isn't trying to fight against akane, but hopefully... she can convey how she feels. ]

And then what? After we get them out of the game, what do we do?
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[ there's a smile on hajime's face, then. ]

I was thinking that, too. In the end, I don't think I like the Innkeeper suggestion. It seems kind of... not great!


I wonder what we can do so everyone can be happy.
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[ maybe don't get so excited you shout, hajime. still, it's clear she's ecstatic. akane gets it! ]

In the end, is it worth it to do this again and again? I don't think so! Everyone has been trying so hard to win this game without thinking about afterwards... Focusing on one thing, you'll miss the other signs. You can't go straight ahead like an arrow! Aka-chan, you're glowing!
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Are you going to give up before trying?
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Ah, see. That's when you glow. You're a really determined person, I think.
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[ good. this is how you kill people. ]

Oh! Maybe that's why I'm here... well, who knows. Anyway, I definitely want to find a way for everyone to be happy. Even Craftly. It doesn't really matter if Mother can hear us now or not, all I know is that no one here had to be here! So it's time to make sure they aren't.
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It's a ritual, right? Hm... so maybe we have to find a different one...? Does that sound right? I'm not good with things like this, but I can try!
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[ oh. well. hajime looks behind her, toward the library. ]

That's true. Should we get to reading, then? Maybe you can help me get the books up high down?!

[ she's so excited, because crucifixion is still hurtin her ]