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week 5, wednesday

[Wherever Jake might be today, he's suddenly getting approached by an exhausted but determined Akane. Looks like she's got something on her mind.]

Excuse me, Jake... do you have a moment?
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[He nods, becoming just as serious.] Certainly. We can talk in Dirk's old bedroom if you like?

[Since Dirk no longer has roommates, it's a fairly safe room to use.]
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[At least Jake has gotten good on his crutches by now. And after he shuts the door he'll sit on one of the beds.]

Did... you talk to Andersen?

[Even hazarding that much worries him, not wanting to out what Andersen did, but Akane isn't on the Hunters side as far as he knows, so he trusts her enough to ask it.]
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Good idea. I... I'll be honest that I don't trust them to make this decision for me. Or, rather, because they locked us out of making the decision for ourselves, I want nothing to do with them.

[It's harsh for him, considering how much he tries to befriend everyone, but it's cruel and unneeded suffering despite their goal.]

I mean, I don't know, maybe it's the plan we would have all settled on but we weren't even given that choice.
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[It's all right since Akane isn't the one doing it this time!]

I don't even know if they tried to think of another plan. Andersen made it sound like they didn't. And while I wouldn't be surprised if there were no alternatives, that should be something we all look at together. And, frankly speaking, I'm still rather miffed they would have killed me this week but left Dirk alive to suffer that loss with no explanation. It just all seems so... pointless and wrong. As if they're not thinking clearly at all.
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[He gives a rueful smile.] I feel Craftly may have chosen poorly. And if they go through with these murders this week as cruelly as Andersen suggested they would— [Like seriously a chainsaw?] —then I absolutely refuse to trust them with this decision. I was thinking... since we'll all basically know what's happening at the trial, barring any changes, it may be a better use of our time to openly discuss what we want to do. We'll... know who the murderers are, after all.
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Dirk and I informed Percival, Dipper, Mabel, Emily and Clementine at least. Dipper and Mabel needed further convincing, so we sent them to Andersen. Hopefully that helped. [He's worried but he's hopeful, too. Andersen should have been able to get a recording by now.] Percival, Emily and Clementine believed us right away, though. Percival also agreed to break all the mirrors Thursday night right before curfew. That should help make the murders, if they still occur, more solvable than before, even with their access to impossible weapons.
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I thought it best to tell at least some of us, to be prepared for the terrible things that will no doubt happen at the trial. We'll need to use our time wisely to come to a decision and arrange it. [He is really not against her idea at all at this point.] Did Andersen give you the list of victims this week?
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I know. [He hates how pointless it is, but...] We're going to break all the mirrors Thursday night, right before curfew. Even if it won't stop them, we can at least make it more difficult on them. It might help us prove what we're saying easier to the rest of the group left.
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I agree. [He hesitates but there's something he wants to say, so.] I'm really glad you're on our side, Akane. I always had a good feeling about you, even though we didn't talk much.
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Sorry, was that weird? [He flusters.] You just seem awful clever and strong-hearted, so I'm glad, I guess? Is what I mean... [He's seen her act in the trials after all. Though he knows the thing with Mira was personal, even if he doesn't know what, he's just glad she feels the same about all of this.] I'm sure we'll come up with the best solution, whatever it is we decide. I just... can't forgive them for going about it this way.
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Right! [He smiles back.] Hope is my aspect, after all. I refuse to give up until we've exhausted every possible option. And maybe not even then.
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Yes, I agree. That's what real hope is. Faith in others is what creates a powerful hope.