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week 5, friday

[So. Everything sure keeps happening, doesn't it.

Akane is waiting patiently in whatever room she's being kept in idek who's staying where right now??? She's just sitting on a bed there, hands neatly folded in her lap.
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[either way, assuming he gets let in, he enters the room and kind of. . . slumps against the door. he doesn't say anything; she can go first]
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[tilts his chin up, his own expression neutral]

Better elaborate on that. There are a ton of reasons people are disappointed in my right now.
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[this is what she is doing, is it? he blinks rapidly at her a few times, before a calm smile curls up the corners of his mouth. can't guilt trip him if he's done that enough himself already, Akane]

Funnily enough, Akane. . . unlike one of us in this room, I didn't kill anyone this week.

[he cants his head to the side curiously]

And if I had, then I at least would have known my reasons for doing so. I imagine there are a lot of other people who do it for more selfish reasons. Fame, fortune. . . [a beat]

Night terrors?
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I didn't convince him to do anything. I gave him the truth, and a choice. No strong-arming involved.

Kurusu-- Akira-- and I are on similar wavelengths. [another deep exhale] . . . he's a good guy.

. . . isn't it funny, Akane? You killed Quer and fessed up to it immediately, saying it was because of the night terrors, and no one batted an eye.

But the moment we say our goal is to save those already dead, to prevent anyone from having to deal with the pain of permanent loss, everyone jumps down our throats. [he laughs, and shakes his head] I don't get people sometimes.
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[ugh. he's heard this before. he snorts and rolls his eyes, slumping against the door again]

Choice, choice, choice. Everyone goes on and on about choice! Guess what?

It's hard to give people a choice when you don't trust them. And when those you do trust willingly offer you their support and help, only to stab you in the back later. Because-- surprise! We actually were gonna tell people, before Andersen opened his big, fat mouth.

[and at that, he levels his gaze on her again]

Andersen has already told me that if the dead are to be condemned to stay in this realm forever because of his actions, then so be it. Dirk has already told me that other people here have different values-- presumably, different values about whether harming another person in order to save forty-two souls is worth it-- and that I need to understand that in order to get why people are mad.

I do understand it, Akane.

[tilts his chin up defiantly]

Even if there are those who don't agree with us, I'm going to keep fighting. For everyone. So the loved ones of the people who have already passed don't have to know the pain of permanent loss again.

If I have to be a villain in order to make sure everyone here gets a happy ending, then so be it. I'll be that villain.

The other Hunters and I know what we're fighting for. Do the rest of you?

[how the fuck can he be shounen about murder]
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I know how they feel. They've all made it very clear.

. . . it doesn't change my conviction.

[his hand slips into his pocket]

Tell me, Akane.
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[the atmosphere is very still when she finishes, tension so thick it could be cut with a butter knife. when he speaks, his words are slow. also purposefully neutral]

Do you fight to save that world?
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[quietly, things starting to click in his mind]

Even kill Quer?
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[. . . he exhales. lifts a hand to rub at his face. he lets some of the tension fade away, allows some of his growing exhaustion to show]

You know what I learned while I've been here, Akane?

. . . one can never really tell what they're going to do in a certain situation until it smacks them in the face, and doesn't give them an escape.
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It isn't.

. . . I'm sorry if you thought I was a better person than I am.

[and, for the first time, he ducks his head before she can see the flash of guilt that crosses his expression. he's a third option kind of guy, so this. . . this is just]

[the answers he found in this place were not easy on him]
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[stiffens in surprise, because this is very unexpected considering her cold reaction earlier. he doesn't return the hug (he only has the use of one arm, after all) but he does relax after a moment, staring blankly at a spot on the wall over her shoulder]

But it is now.

And I'd be a coward if I ran away from it.
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[short, but warm, and surprisingly enough. . . he isn't nearly as tense as he was when this conversation started]

Are we?

'Cause I'm not getting that impression.
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[he answers immediately]

Don't you see? The last three survivors don't necessarily need to be us.

As long as at least one of the three is willing to take the deal to raise the dead. . . our goal will be realized. Even if we're executed or lynched before seeing it come to fruition.
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[his eyebrows shoot up, another flicker of surprise]

. . .

Y'know, that seems to be a theme? Andersen kinda hinted at the same thing.

What about me makes me seem so irresponsible and cowardly?