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week 5, friday


i mean akane is in house arrest do u want to come see her
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Grandpa has tea and a book, which he's carrying on his back in a makeshift backpack made of blankets. He sets the drink before her.]

You look awful.
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[It's green tea, enjoy.]

From being a useless drunkard, yes.

[He's not even gonna touch the bodies.]

A lot of things have happened, Akane. Some of the pieces don't completely fit together.
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Those two, yes. [...] Including Nagasone.
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She confessed to me. Nagasone did not die by her hands. She claimed that he slit his throat for her. Of course, we'll have to see the bodies and evidence come tomorrow, but it's an option worth exploring.
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That, I have to look into. I suspect it has to do with the weapon that was used--the chainsaw--and the conditions that may be attached to it. But that's just baseless conjecture unless we have Girge confirm it.
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... I'm not as sure about them. But judging by the message, they may have taken a route similar to Omega's.
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That, we'll have to ask about, won't we?